La designer et ses inspirations.

Oh, that's me!

Oh, that's me! This was shot during a photo shoot and we were hard working to do our very best with our photographer. Always enjoying as much as I can, this chance I have to du this fulfilling job.

photo : Annabelle Tiaffay

Hoyningen-Huene's photos

Hoyningen-Huene photos. Viveka is inspired by classics, the styles for generations. People come, people go, style remains.

History of street fashion

Street fashion. These are girls in the 50's, an era full of vitamine when girls started to take the liberty of boys once again for a new push in confortable high quality brands. Climb the tree, girls!

Göta Trägårdh, Beckmans college of design, inspiration, alumni 1984

Göta Trädgård, my teacher at Anders Beckmans College of design. I was alumni 1984. We were her very last students after her long and rich life in Swedish Design from the 1930's and on. A hero for the whole bunch of us.

Betty Cuthbert 1956 Melbourne Olympics

Betty Cuthbert 1956 Melbourne Olympics. How one can be stylish in sports and in a way she was ahead of her time, Betty. Today this is normal. What a heroess.

Sean Young as "Rachel" in Blade Runner, the original.

Sean Young as "Rachel" in the original Blade Runner movie. The beauty of the being, what is a human, a body, a soul or a thing, an android. Feeling is human.

The facts.

Viveka Bergström is a Swedish ex-fashion designer making costume jewellery under her own brand in Paris since 1994 just after a start 1993 by doing jewellery for Paco Rabanne fashion shows. All pieces are produced in local parisian workshops with the know-how of the traditional french luxury production.

Viveka is inspired by the old memories of Parisian Haute couture, The Roman Empire, Old Egypt, Ancient Greek style, Renaissance Enlightenment and the confort of the 20's century life style with sports. It is a kind of mixture of a woman of the whole history, looking forwards to a next chapter. The style defends basic values like free movement, fresh wind in the lungs, wellbeing and the joy of colors, the effect metal does on us humans and what fashion is, a look, a way to communicate without words.