The designer and her inspirations.

 Oh, that's me!

Oh, that's me! photo : Annabelle Tiaffay 

Hoyningen-Huene's photos

Hoyningen-Huene photos.

History of street fashion

Street fashion

Göta Trägårdh, Beckmans college of design, inspiration, alumni 1984

 Göta Trädgård, my teacher at Anders Beckmans College of design. I was alumni 1984. We were her very last students after her long and rich life in Swedish Design from the 1930's and on. A hero for the whole bunch of us.

Betty Cuthbert 1956 Melbourne Olympics

Betty Cuthbert 1956 Melbourne Olympics

Sean Young as "Rachel" in Blade Runner, the original.

Sean Young as "Rachel" in the original Blade Runner movie.